About Anne-Kjersti

Anne-Kjersti is specialized in the field of public procurement, and has several years of experience from the legal, strategic and operational aspects of the procurement profession. She wrote her master’s thesis in law in the legal areas of public procurement and competition law in the spring of 2017, and specialized in the same subjects at both the University of Bergen and Karl Franzens-Universit√§t Graz in Austria.

Anne-Kjersti is genuinely concerned with ensuring that the client receives the best legal, strategic and practical solution within the room for maneuver set by the regulations at all times in all phases of a procurement process. The procurement subject consists of more than just law, and Anne-Kjersti finds it important that legal advice given in a procurement process should also provide practical solutions.

She has worked with a wide range of procurement law issues in both the classic sector and utility sector, and has further experience in adjacent areas such as security legislation, contract, access and administrative law. She has very good knowledge of all stages in a procurement process, from needs assessment, strategy, preparation of procurement documents and contract, implementation, and negotiation and she has led appeal processes for KOFA. She has been head chairman in several negotiations in procedures for the procurement complex IT systems, with both national and international actors.