Our three legal disciplines often overlap, and have great transfer value between each other.

Vaar assists both clients and suppliers in all types of public procurement. This gives us a comprehensive overview of the issues that can arise in a procurement process.

We assume responsibility for the execution of all or part of the procurement process. Examples of acquisitions we have made on behalf of the public are major IT procurement, defense procurement, furniture procurement, playground equipment, health and laboratory services, various consultancy services, cars, construction and civil engineering, etc. Vaar has expertise in IT procurement, such as ERP systems, welfare technology and other cloud services.

We also offer more traditional legal services such as ongoing counseling, investigations and appeals. Although we always strive to achieve the most efficient and practical solutions for our customers, Vaar also assists with dispute resolution, both for the Public Procurement Complaints Board (KOFA) and the courts. Our lawyers take such assignments at short notice.

Vi holder mange kurs i regi av bl.a. Nohrcon og Kommunenes Sentralforbund. Vi tilbyr foredrag og interne kurs innen anskaffelsesrettslige emner på alle nivåer, i tillegg til at vi i Portalen kan tilby komplett kommentarutgave av LOFA med forskrift.


Marianne H. Dragsten Thor Beke Espen Bakjord
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